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It is our vision to contribute to the creation of a vibrant and thriving inclusive community where everybody, despite their social or racial backgrounds, feels accepted & safe, and receives equal treatments regardless of who they are or where they come from. We also promote social justice whereby the rights of individuals are protected and where perpetrators of injustices are brought to justice.

We foster and promote community cohesion, community spirit, social action, diversity and integration in practical ways in which everybody can participate regardless of their race, gender, political affiliation, sexuality, age, social class, disabilities, religious beliefs or cultural identities. We celebrate unity in diversity and we recognise the inherent strength in a dynamic community where everybody works as a team whilst meeting needs.

We recently won an award for being the most inclusive and diverse community group in our area. Our beneficiaries and our management team are representative of people from all diverse backgrounds, thereby enriching our experience.

Our Services include;

  1. Community spirit, inclusion and support service
  2. IT skills training for the digitally excluded.
  3. ESOL training for immigrants and non-English speakers
  4. Asylum seeker support, case management and advice
  5. Mental health intervention & advocacy service
  6. Mediation & relationship building service
  7. Tribunals hearing support and representation
  8. Befriending & hospitality service
  9. Homelessness intervention service
  10. Signposting & Referral service
  11. Pastoral care
  12. Justices campaigns
  13. Drugs/alcohol rehabilitation service



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