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Hope Heritage Community was founded in 2012 as a brainchild of social justice enthusiasts and as a voluntary empowerment and inspirational organisation that comprehensively meets the needs of our beneficiaries. Our headquarters is in Merseyside, England. The organisation was registered as a Charity in 2014.

At Hope Heritage Community Trust, we adopt the utmost holistic, updated, professional and person-centred approach whilst intervening in our beneficiaries’ issues, and whilst representing, advocating, supporting and mediating on behalf of some of the most disadvantaged members of our society. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a fairer society, to relieve poverty/destitution, to advance education/training, to promote health, to mitigate against injustices/destitution, to promote equal opportunities/human dignity, to be a voice to the marginalised, to empower and facilitate our beneficiaries to play their roles in society, to secure their rights and to reach their maximum potentials, to obtain what is due to them and for them to impact society in a positive way.


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